Welcome to Mesa.

Dreams, wishes, hopes, everything any person holds. Some wear them on their sleeves, others hide them underneath a mask. Yet they are there, and in a rather miraculous public school a lot of those students believe their dreams can become a reality. All thanks to one band - Lemonade Mouth. After all, if one group of unlikely misfits can make it big, they can too, right? Wrong.

Built up on high hopes most of them find themselves crashing from their high horse harder than they had ever expected. But there are a few success stories. A glimpse of hope within the rubble.

I guess sometimes you just have to hope you don’t get burned along the way.

Undergoing Revamp

FC: Naomi Scott 

We’re looking for someone to play our wonderful bassist Mohini Banjaree. Our members of Lemonade Mouth members need their bassist! If you want to join us as our beautiful Indian bass player, come join us today! 

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