Welcome to Mesa.

Dreams, wishes, hopes, everything any person holds. Some wear them on their sleeves, others hide them underneath a mask. Yet they are there, and in a rather miraculous public school a lot of those students believe their dreams can become a reality. All thanks to one band - Lemonade Mouth. After all, if one group of unlikely misfits can make it big, they can too, right? Wrong.

Built up on high hopes most of them find themselves crashing from their high horse harder than they had ever expected. But there are a few success stories. A glimpse of hope within the rubble.

I guess sometimes you just have to hope you don’t get burned along the way.

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Madi Espo

Well talk more about Madi soon. We gotta catch you up on Veronica. Send me a message for the link for ooc!

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Charlie Delgado Accepted!

just send me a message for ooc blog!

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Hey Few!

I’m so sorry i haven’t been around. at first it was because of my job then no one was here (school, vacation, etc) and i just didn’t feel like being here. sad i know. 


i’m back now. I want to hold on to whatever’s left of this. if we get new apps that’s cool. if not that’s cool too. I will be making a new follow list soon because people left without letting me know. Let me assure you it is small but don’t you fret. We’ll grow in time.

Thanks for still sticking with me. :)


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Admin Note!

Hey everyone! I am here with a few notes.

  • I am sorry i’ve been in and out this week. I realized this morning that i hadn’t had a day off since last wednesday. So i was trying to get some rest!
  • Trina’s internet is completely down. 
  • I am busy tonight and tomorrow day (i’ll be at bridgit mendler concert at 6 flags) So please post. And i will respond when i can.
  • I WILL be on tomorrow morning central time!
  • any questions just message me!
  • like so i know you’ve read!

EDIT: Due to the tragedy at 6flags, the concert has been postponed to a later date. I will still be out for the day. Sorry i didn’t come online today. But i will be on tomorrow for sure!

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Welcome to Mesa, April May!!

Just message me this page when the page is finished and i’ll send you a link to the ooc blog! Glad to have you!

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Emily browning FC?

Thank you! We’ll add her in somewhere!

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hey guys!

i’m currently at camp! like last year!

so please post when you can.

i’m trying my best to find people to join us!

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Updating this weekend!

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